The Project is a combination illustration series, long-term social practice art work, and pay-it-forward gesture. It’s been ongoing since 2016.

Postcards are free, and are sent out on a bimonthly-to-quarterly basis to anyone that signs up. The next postcard will go out in June 2022.

Signing up means you will get at least the next two or three postcards in the series. I periodically send emails confirming that you still want to receive them going forward – all you have to do is interact with the email [open, click, reply with a cool gif or a dog picture] and I’ll keep you on the list.

Did you subscribe late, miss a postcard, or want to get some cards that were made before you subscribed? Want to stop getting postcards? Want to learn more? Email me; we’ll sort it out.

The Artist

I’m Thea Amanda Lee Anderson. I’m a performer, musician, and digital artist. This project was a way to challenge myself to create and share new digital artwork on a regular basis. It is entirely self-funded and free to recipients. The techniques I use and the thought processes I used in the creation of the postcards can be seen on the Past Postcards page [updated intermittently].